Client Reviews

I hope you're well and enjoying the beautiful weather. Just wanted to reach out and let you know how much we appreciated your expertise in helping us train Milla and
Yahtzee. Your approach and technique in training was exactly what we needed in helping us train our six-month old border collies. The girls are continuing with their process.
We've been working with them daily and they certainly have mastered the sit, stay, lay, and even "paw". We're still struggling with the jumping - especially from Milla. But
I know we will get there with time. Thank you again and if I can offer a referral, I certainly will.
Desi Avila

Sherril Lilly  has successfully combined her love of animals with her abilities as a professional educator.  She trained our rescued German Shepherd, Kasper.  Each
training session included a syllabus outlining what will be covered and a follow up email within twenty-four hours with a detailed performance review. She assigns
“homework” for you and your dog so that the time with her is truly productive. We enjoyed her methods, her patience, and the total attention she gave  Kasper,.  
Like most of his breed, Kasper is a bit hardheaded and easily distracted, but he learned quickly.  The sessions were always positive and fun. Sherril’s training
has made an impressive change both in Kasper’s behavior and his willingness to learn. We give Sherril our strongest recommendation.
John and Judi Farrell

I have a French Bulldog named Rocco who is fun, energetic and a little stubborn.  Sherril was able to customize her training techniques to Rocco’s particular personality traits. 
In fact, she made training enjoyable. Rocco played so well off of her energy and Sherril was so patient with him during his stubborn streaks.  Sherril was able to teach Rocco his
basic commands within the first two weeks; and even managed to work in a trick or two during each session.  Now, Rocco loves to “bow” for people.  In addition, after each session,
Sherril emailed a detailed overview of everything we covered.  My husband and I often refer to Sherril’s emails as we continue to work with Rocco.  We definitely know to “practice,
be patient, be consistent, and have fun!”  Thank you Sherril for sharing your knowledge with us.  Teresa Canning

Sherril Lilly is truly a fantastic trainer.  Our 110-pound rescue shepherd was literally knocking us down when we met Sherril, but in a few short sessions she had Razz
sitting on command, heeling, and even rolling over just for fun.  I was worried we couldn't handle him, but thanks to Sherril I have the confidence to continue training
and enjoying Razz as part of our family.  Razz is doing great, and we are working now on his AKC Good Citizenship title. Sheila Reilly

​Sherril Lilly is so much more than a dog trainer.  She is a dog lover, as well, and it shows, by the way she handles your dog. I have a goldendoodle and one day she crawled
under our fence, which I thought would have been impossible for her to do, and started running all over the place.  Beyond our property was a very busy road. 
My husband managed to get her safely home, but it was not easy.  From that point on I was so afraid she would get loose again and not come to us. Then, Sherril showed
us the emergency recall.  I would never have believed how great it works, if I had not seen it for myself. Now I am totally confident that if Millie Grace would happen to get
loose, she would come right back to us.  I can not tell you how wonderful that feeling is!  It is so easy to do. All it talks is a little time.  If we can do it, any one can. Thank you,
​Sherril, for my peace of mind. You are one great Trainer! Linda Loving
My mom, Sherril Lilly, committed her life to education. I remember watching her as a child and admired her so much for her talents and her ability to really connect with
children and adults through her unique methods of teaching. I am so excited for her today because in her retirement she has found something so rewarding. She has
combined her love for dogs and education and has found a way to really help families and their beloved pets. Because of her lifetime of experience in behavior
assessments and curriculum design for humans, it is only natural that she is able to do the same for dogs. Her programs and techniques are "custom designed"
so-to-speak for your dogs needs. Our family was blessed to have her by our side after we adopted our little ShihPoo 2 years ago. My mom worked a lot with our 12 and
10 year old daughters so that they could be great "moms" to their new baby. She is an incredible trainer, and she has helped us understand how to help our puppy Kody
​be a family member that fits into our lifestyle… and have very good manners! Tonya Bryant

​Like all puppies, our Portuguese Water Dog, Sirius, has an abundance of energy and is quick to learn.  Patience, positive reinforcement and yummy dog treats are a must.
Sherril had her sitting, staying, rolling over and walking nicely on leash within just a few lessons.   Once Siri got the basics down, Sherril took it to the next level (where the
fun really begins) and incorporated jumping through a hoop, sitting pretty and the box trick.  It soon became evident that Sherril found the exercises as rewarding as Siri. 
She is truly a dog lover and we wouldn’t think of using anyone else.  Thank you, Sherril! Wanda Davis
Sherril, I just had to let you know about our latest Emergency Recall practice. We were in the enclosure with Gracie and a cat came walking through our back yard. It decided
to lie down and sun itself for a while. Gracie thinks that if something is in her yard, it must be chased. She was going crazy. Nothing would keep her from that cat. We never
let her chase the cats, because they are really wild.  So we decide to see how the Emergency Recall would work. I went in and got her favorite treat, Vienna Sausages, ready 
and my husband let her out. She tore out of the door so fast, in hot pursuit of that cat!!! I was in the house and made our “sound. “ I still can't believe how fast she stopped,
flipped around and ran back into the house for her treat. What a girl! I have to say, that had I not been confident she would come back to me, I would have never let her
chase that cat. I was so confident, only because you showed us the Emergency Recall. It is hard to believe how easy it is to learn and how little time it takes. Priceless!
​Thank-you!   Linda Loving

Sherril, Thank you so much for your guidance and teaching both Jock and me! It has been great working with you and once he and I perfect a few more manners, I will be in
touch so we can plan our next steps. I've sent pictures under separate email and please let potential clients know that we recommend you highly! Jock is a much better
​family member after our instruction from you! Grace Ridgeway